The Rise Of Hip Hop Clothing

The Rise Of Hip Hop Clothing

The Rise of Hip Hop Clothing

Hip Hop clothing

Hip Hop clothing is a known style of clothing originating from the depths of New York, LA, Chicago and some other major cities in America. Every city contributed their elements to make the overall Hip Hop style as seen worldwide today. Generally speaking, Hip Hop fashion complements attitudes and expressions of the Hip Hop culture as a whole. Hip Hop fashion is forever changing in its own history and today, Hip Hop clothing is a staple fashion across the world and all ethnicities.

Hip Hop Clothing 1980s

Late 70s, there was a few sportswear brands emerging into the Hip Hop scene. Brands include the likes of Le Coq Sportif, Kangol and Adidas.

Vintage 80s Adidas jacket

During the 80’s, Hip Hop superstars wore brightly coloured branded tracksuits, sheepskin and Clarkes shoes. Another big trend in Hip Hop fashion world was created by Dapper Dan. High net worth fashion houses such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci were pioneered by Dapper Dan.

Accessories were also popular. These included large eyeglasses, bucket hats, name belts and big multiple gold rings. Other heavy gold jewellery was popular and would in general, become a staple of Hip Hop fashion. The big, heavy gold jewellery was considered a sign of prestige and wealth.

Hip Hop Clothing 1990 – 2000

In the early 80s Nike captured the soon to be superstar Michael Jordan. This proved to be a

huge turning point for Nike as they dominated the urban sneaker market in the early 90s. Brands such as Reebok, Kangol and Timberland as well as other were very closely associated with the Hip Hop scene.

1990 Air Jordans

East coast brought acts such as Wu-Tang Clan and Gangstarr sporting the Hip Hop look. Rap pioneers N.W.A popularized the gangster style consisting of Dickies, white t shirt, Air Jordan sneakers and Raiders snapbacks. Early 90s, starter jacket became something of a status symbol in itself.

Tommy Hilfiger was one of the most visible brands although Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and DKNY were also popular. Snoop Dogg wore a Tommy Hilfiger sweatshirt during a TV appearance, it sold out the next day in its New York City stores. Tommy Hilfigers popularity was due to exclusivity and people deemed aspirational.

Modern Hip Hop Clothing

Kanye West brand ‘Yeezy’

Today, fashion depends on celebrity status. Celebrities are releasing their own clothing lines such as Yeezy (Kanye West), Trukfit (Lil Wayne) and Outkast Clothing (Outkast).  These celebrities can sell out their clothing lines in minute’s even seconds with very little marketing. Kanye West boasted to sell millions of dollars’ worth of clothing in a few days.

Hip Hop clothing such as early Tommy Hilfiger, Le Coq Sportif etc are becoming more and more popular due its vintage style of tracksuit/track tops. People are paying good money to have these pieces of clothing in their armoury.

You will see the likes of Justin Bieber, Brooklyn Beckham supporting exclusive brands. Celebrities can take a small scale clothing line to a sell out overnight.

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